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Ocala, Florida Sunless Spray Premier Mobile Spray Tan Tanning Salon Ocala, FL

Ocala, Florida Sunless Spray Premier Mobile Spray Tan Tanning Salon Ocala, FL

Tan smarter, not harder!

Simply Sunless Premier Mobile is unlike anything else you've ever experienced! Exceptional color, in the convenience of your home or office. Brooke is Master Certified with over 13 years of experience. She offers hand applied, custom sunless tans.

Simply Sunless offers exotic EcoCertified spray tans, meaning the solutions are made with all natural ingredients! Whether you are looking for an every day glow, wedding day tan, or have a competitive fitness show, Brooke has solutions to meet all your  unique sunless tanning needs. 

"I strive to give you the highest quality sunless tanning experience." ~Brooke C.


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Summer 2019 is here!

(05/21/2019) School is out, kids are graduation, vacationing has begun.... Summer is officially here!!Dear Sunless Family,I am greatly blessed and excited to spend more time with our quickly growing babies. They don't stay little long, so I plan to soak up every last minute of their adventures this summer!Beginning June 1st, Simply Sunless will be drastically reducing hours to accommodate summer camp schedules, trips and family time. Don't fear, you will not be ghostly pale all summer but we may need to work around the kid's camps or trips. :)Thank you for being supportive all these years. I am humbled and blessed to have such an amazing client base! Also, please don't hesitate to call me any time with questions or concerns. Happy Summer everyone! ~Brooke

Common Spray Problems Addressed and Solved

(05/04/2015) ​1. Streaky/Runny-looking Tan after spray tan development:What happened here is that water (tears) got on the spray tan before the DHA had time to properly set, resulting in an uneven tan and internet fame. The Fix: Wait recommended time before exposing skin to moisture to allow proper tan development!2. Sprayed, but no tan develops:If you sprayed and no tan appeared after waiting the correct amount of time then there was something on the skin acting as a barrier. These could be heavy soaps, moisturizers, perfumes, and even exfoliant residue.The Fix: Exfoliate prior to getting your spray tan. Work from the top of your body down so that you aren't getting soap or residue on a part of your body that you've already cleaned and exfoliated. And make sure you don't spray perfume on until after your tan has had time to set! This will improve your spray tan and your before/after selfies!  Fun Fact: The first "selfie"ever taken was in 1839 by Robert Cornelius.3. Client touched something, accidentally rubbed off their tan, or wore skinny jeans/tight socks: This commonly occurs from wearing clothing that clings to the skin before it is fully dry or is too snug and rubbed the fresh tan. The Fix: don't wear tight fitting clothing, and try not to itch your leg/arm while your tan is still drying. Once it has dried you should be able to wear tighter clothing, but it's still prudent to be aware if your skin is rubbing and where--those are going to be your problem areas that will need more moisturizing to keep the tan from fading faster.4. Face fading faster than rest of the tan:This is a more common problem among female clients. Applying and removing makeup, and simply washing your face, can cause your tan to fade faster. The Fix: Maintain a healthy skin care regimen and moisturize at least twice a day (morning and night!) 5. WAY TOO MUCH COLOR:If this occurs then you are probably using a solution that was too strong for your skin type.  The Fix: try using the next color level down  Fun Fact: in the early 90s Will Ferrell worked as a mall store Santa Claus 6. My spray tan looked good when I went to bed, but when I woke up I had patches:This happens if you go to sleep with your hand on your arm, leg, or face. What will happen is that the tan will transfer from one area of skin to the other. Keep in mind that this doesn't always happen, and most often happens if you go to sleep while the tan is still sticky or tacky feeling. The Fix: Wait until your spray tan is not sticky or tacky feeling before going to bed. If it is still sticky/tacky and you can't stay up any longer, sleep with loose pajamas on (some people also wear socks or mittens on their hands). Or you can choose the Rapid solution and shower before bed. 7. Flaky Tan: Most often caused by dry skin, but can be aggravated by using a products containing alcohols and being dehydrated. The Fix: Simple: Exfoliate before your spray tan and moisturize frequently. And if possible avoid products with alcohol in it! Also, keep hydrated naturally. Coconut water is an excellent source of natural hydration!8. Peeling spray tan: sunburn before spray tan:A sunburn's peel can greatly affect your tan! It means that the skin underneath (that is soon to be revealed when the burnt skin peels off) is going to be untanned while the rest of your body is going to have the darker spray tanned skin. Clearly this is going to create a very patchy, VERY uneven finish. The Fix: DONT GET A SUNBURN!!! Failing that, exfoliate (ouch!) extensively before getting your spray tan. NOTE: If you are peeling I will not guarantee the results of your tan.Fun Fact2: At a higher altitude it is easier to become burnt because there is less of the earth's atmosphere to block the sunlight. UV exposure increases about 4% for every 1000 ft (305 m) gain in elevation!9. My spray tan faded after working out:This happens when you work out before your spray tan has had time to set properly. The Fix: Wait for your tan to set before breaking a sweat. For "regular" tans this means waiting 16 to 24 hours before working out, and for "rapid tans" this can mean waiting for as little as 60 minutes though it is recommended to still wait that 16 to 24 hours because though you can wash off a rapid tan, the DHA is still developing during that time. Wait until AFTER your first shower before exercising for best results. Fun Fact: 10. Too much tan between the fingersMost commonly occurs because the fingers were closed/held close together while her hands were being sprayed. The Fix: make a claw with your hands as if you holding a grapefruit, being careful to keep your fingers separated. *Note:  I did gather info from Aviva Labs' blog. It was edited slightly to be relevant to my clients.

5 Spray Tanning Myths

(05/04/2015) ​Myth #1: A Spray Tan Looks UnnaturalThis is by far the most pervasive myth about spray tanning, and the worst part about it is that it was once true—making it that much harder to put this myth to bed. Because a spray tan solution needs to be formulated correctly to give a realistic looking tan, and because solutions can be applied by people who are less than unqualified, there are a lot of varying results. As the saying goes, “One bad egg can spoil the bunch,” and with spray tanning this is very true—the worst spray tans are the ones that usually get the most publicity. The best way to get the most natural looking tan is to see a professional and use the proper solution tone, meaning don't ask for the darkest tan if you have porcelain skin.Click Here to look at our Photo GalleryMyth #2: A Spray Tan Can Prevent Sun BurnsThis is one of the most dangerous myths regarding spray tanning—falling just short of, “A spray tan can prevent a bear attack.”A spray tan cannot prevent a sun burn. A spray tan is not a base tan—it provides no more protection from the sun than your makeup does (unless your makeup has SPF in it of course). Always use SPF protection and practice sun safety.Myth #3: A Spray Tan Makes You Look OrangeThis is based in the 70s right beside the “looks unnatural” myth. Back when Earth, Wind, and Fire was pumping out funky grooves, and before glam metal took center stage with tight leather and gender-confused lead singers, spray tanning was in its infancy.DHA was discovered for its tanning abilities in the 20s, but the first tanning solution came out in 1960 (Coppertone’s Quick Tan); unfortunately, the first solutions were far from natural looking. Lots of them came out orange and others made you look like a burnt piece of toast. This happened because the companies really didn’t understand how to correctly process DHA; they just could not find the balance between too little DHA and too much. Thankfully, this is no longer the case: nowadays, most spray tans look as natural as sun-based tans.The only way to turn orange is to ask for a tan that is too dark for your skin tone, by using over the counter self tanners with the spray, or not following proper after care recommendations.Tanning After CareMyth #4: A Spray Tan Is Only For “Young People”The idea behind this myth is that young people go tanning and older people don’t because tanning is a popularity tool and older people are more comfortable with where they stand among their friends, and thus don’t feel the pressure to “fit in”.In fact, older clients can perhaps benefit more from the psychological effects of a spray tan. As you age, your skin slowly loses its color and begins to appear ashen or grey because your skin cells are becoming less oxygenated. This process can appear to be reversed with a spray tan, making you appear more vibrant.I have many, many clients over the age of 50, and some into their 70's and 80's! Age is a state of mind. Myth #5: All Spray Tans Stain Your Clothes, Your Furniture, Your Bed SheetsYou’ve no doubt heard the same horror stories as I have: "I lay down on my bed and now I have to throw out the sheets; I put my clothes back on and now my collar has a spray tan too; I sat down on my couch and my tan rubbed off on the cushion."Sadly, this is only partly a myth. The truth is that the spray tan is not causing the stains—waiting too long to remove the cosmetic bronzers, present in the spray tanning solutions, from the affected surface is what commonly causes the staining. So to put it simply: if you wear dark colored clothing and wash away any bronzer transfer immediately, you will minimize the potential for staining.Preparing for the Tan

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