Summer 2019 is here!

Posted at 10:01 am on 05/21/2019 by Brooke
School is out, kids are graduation, vacationing has begun.... Summer is officially here!!

Dear Sunless Family,

I am greatly blessed and excited to spend more time with our quickly growing babies. They don't stay little long, so I plan to soak up every last minute of their adventures this summer!

Beginning June 1st, Simply Sunless will be drastically reducing hours to accommodate summer camp schedules, trips and family timeDon't fear, you will not be ghostly pale all summer but we may need to work around the kid's camps or trips. :)

Thank you for being supportive all these years. I am humbled and blessed to have such an amazing client base! Also, please don't hesitate to call me any time with questions or concerns. 

Happy Summer everyone!

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